Game Insight gets new president, promises to develop core games

Anatoly Ropotov _ Photo

Anatoly Ropotov is replacing Alisa Chumachenko as president of Game Insight – Anipots, Kanobu reports. Company moves to develop core games for mobile devices, enjoy more Android games and Apps! promises 5 Unity-based games till the end of 2014.

Game Insight is well-known in Russia for its creative director Leonid Sirotin quotes, slamming down core gamers as ignorant cheapskates and praising casual audience. It seems that “ignorant cheapskates” are the new target audience for GI.

Update: Here is an official press-release in English.

  • Torick

    In all fairness, for the last two years Sirotin was promoting transition to mid-core (X-Mercs, The Running Shadow etc) while Anatoly was tied to multiple clones of his own casual time-management game (My Country -> Tribez & Castlez, MC 2020 etc)

    • Sergey Galyonkin

      Well, just compare Tribez performace with Starborn or Warpstorm perfromance on AppAnnie.

  • Alexander Grekalov