Changes to SMS laws will affect Russian gaming industry

Russian Parliament recently passed a law about SMS-spam and SMS-fraud. This law introduces a lot of much-needed changes into what many consider to be ‘gray area’ or even ‘fraud market’. Now SMS providers won’t be able to automatically charge you unless you explicitly agree to it via SMS of your own.

This law will also affect certain games in Russia, but, fortunately, not many. Five or six years ago SMS were the main source of payments in online gaming, but since then the share of SMS payments dropped to less than 5%. So some games might take a hit in their revenue, but it won’t be significant and probably won’t last as affected users will switch to credit cards and e-wallets.

Still, I’ve heard some SMS payment companies are now firing up to half of their staff.

  • Captain Person

    > what is many consider to be ‘grey area’ or even ‘fraud

    what many consider to be a ‘gray area’ or even a ‘fraud

    > fortunately, not much

    not many

    > were main source

    the main

    > then share

    then the share

    > Still, I’ve heard some SMS payment companies are now firing up to half of their staff.


    • Sergey Galyonkin

      Thanks a lot!