Game Insight is moving its HQ from Russia to Lithuania

Now it’s official, Game Insight decided to relocate its HQ from Moscow, Russia to Vilnius, Lithiania.

Interestingly, I’ve talked to several people from Game Insight around a month ago and they claimed that company wanted to relocate one of its studios first before deciding on moving HQ. Either I was misled, or something has changed.

In unrelated news: Bloomberg reports that Luxoft is relocating 500 of its programmers from Russia and Ukraine to Bulgaria, Poland and Romania.

  • Owen Faraday

    Is there a trend of studios leaving Russia, Sergey? Are they getting tax breaks or other incentives to move?

    • Пётр Поросятов

      The don’t want to be torched by religious mob or kgb for tolerantism (intended).

    • Sergey Galyonkin

      Yes, it seems so. All I’m hearing recently is “we’re going to move abroad soon”.

      But Game Insight is first high-profile Russian company to do this.

  • Пётр Поросятов