DevGAMM 2014 – indies, indies everywhere!

So, I’ve visited DevGAMM 2014 in Moscow last week. It took me one hour wait on Russian border where they’ve tried to check if I’m eligible to visit the country (Glory to Arsztotzka!), but it was worth it.

DevGAMM 2014 was surprisingly good: nice place (Radisson Slavyanskaya), a lot of visitors and indie-centered talks. In fact, you could easily mistake DevGAMM for indie conference, because a lot of game developers from big companies (Nival,, Gaijin and so on) visited DevGAMM as indies – probably because they’ve paid for their tickets themselves.

DevGAMM is obviously not GDC, but compared to KRI (so called “Russian GDC”) it is better organized, friendlier and more useful.

While I don’t recommend everyone from outside Russia or Ukraine to visit DevGAMM to learn something (most talks are in Russian), it is a great place to establish connections, find partners and talk to local game developers.

  • Kiburga

    Glory to Arsztotzka!