Somebody is making a GTA game about that cute prosecutor from Crimea

I don’t even know where to start.

Lifenews (yellow tabloid loyal to Russian government) reports that some studio in Russia is allegedly creating a Grand Theft Auto game based on Natalya Poklonskya, widely known here as “that cute prosecutor from Crimea”. Gamers are going to be able to play as Natalya, fighting crime on streets of conflicted Ukrainian peninsula.

The “game” is based on GTA: San Andreas and will, I quote, feature “less violence and perversions” and also allegedly is “compliant with Rockstar Games rules”.  They’re planning to release it for free in next four months and now registering a trademark to make sure nobody steals their brilliant idea.

Some other Russian developers are saying that GTA: Crimea is aimed at, I’m not joking, school kids.

Russia never ceases amusing me.

  • Anton Smilevsky

    I hope they will make Yarosh available as playing character)

  • Пётр Поросятов

    GTA: Raki☆Suta already exists, it’s just another GTA mod, thousands of them.

  • priestling

    Sergey did you tune Disques here? If you did’t I think it is a time.

    • Sergey Galyonkin

      What’s wrong with it?

      • priestling

        Great vacabulary, please, help me.)))
        Nothing wrong with it yet. I’m afraid of some “holy wars” because of political overtone of this post.
        For instance, I want to start one. But I will not.)

  • Николай

    Marketing. Russian style.
    Just in a few days two guys with just an idea for a mod got more attention from the press than any game developed here.