Games EU head joins Crytek

ilyaIlya Mamontov, head of European Games division (known also as has left the company and now works for Crytek in Frankfurt.

That probably makes total sense, since Crytek’s Warface success in Russia was achieved thanks to cooperation with It seems that Warface hasn’t enjoyed similar level of success anywhere else.

In totally unrelated news –’s own Skyforge is now called “an epic MMO from Obisidian”. At least it was called so in recent interview on Komsomolskya Pravda radio station. representative claimed that Obsidian was working on Skyforge from the beginning.

In fact Skyforge was announced in 2009 as “Project Sun” and Allods Team worked on it since at least 2008. Obsidian joined to help with story only in early 2013.

It’s obvious that tries to distance Skyforge from Allods Online legacy, but I wonder if people who spent 6 years of their lives on this project are ok with it?

  • Пётр Поросятов

    Well, that’s a mess.

  • Igor Rashkuev

    “That’s probably makes…” a little mistake, ‘s is unnecessary.

    • Sergey Galyonkin

      Thank you!