How one businessman from France created a thriving gaming company in Ukraine with only $10 thousands in his pocket

Kanobu interviews Wael Amr, head of Frogwares studio, known for it’s Sherlock series of adventure games.

Wael talks about starting a business in an unknown country. He said, he always wanted to start his own game development studio, but with only $10 thousands in his pocket he could only dream about it. Until his Ukrainian friend recommended trying, well, opening a studio in Ukraine, where salaries back in 2000 were astonishingly low.

Frogwares spent two years working on their first game (about Sherlock Holmes, obviously), and Wael decided to stay.

He is also describing his relationships with publishers and brief foray into free-to-play, but there is nothing unusual: publishers usually are doing a bad job and F2P is evil, duh.

  • Пётр Поросятов

    Publishers usually are publishers.