Xbox One is stated to launch in Russia this September

Microsoft’s Larry Hryb wrote that Xbox One will finally arrive in Russia this September. Meanwhile, Xbox One is already widely available in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, although at inflated prices.

No word on other CIS countries, where Microsoft haven’t even launched Xbox or Xbox 360 yet.

Sony dominated Russian console market for more than a decade, but in later years Microsoft finally gotten its foot in the door with Xbox 360. Decision to delay Xbox One launch by almost one year is seen in Russia as a step back.

  • priestling

    I have a question. Sergey, if your CIS community will write comments here does it make your site more popular?
    It is not difficult for my to write something here once a day but does it make sence?)

    • Sergey Galyonkin

      I think it will help start a discussion. It’s always hard to be first on unknown site :)

  • priestling

    Fine.) My last console was Sega Mega Drive. I don’t see any interest in such devices now.
    I can’t understand what modern consoles can provide to me. I can play games on it. That’s ok, I can do it on PC too. Consoles are providing some interesting options to players. I’m sure that PC have more interesting features.

    So why it is so important to some people? What did they find in consoles? It is a mistery for my.)