What happened to Nuclear Union from Best Way?

I’ve just finished recording How Games Are Made podcast with Dmitry Morozov, founder of Best Way company, game designer of Men of War series. It will go live in next couple of days, but it’s in Russian, so I’ll share some details with you here.

Much discussed Nuclear Union from Best Way was closed half a year ago right after Gamescom 2013. 1C-Softclub decided to focus on distribution instead of publishing and scraped it. It’s a pity, because Nuclear Union was actually 1C’s idea – they wanted to publish a Russian Fallout, every post-Soviet developer’s elusive dream.

Best Way owns assets and engine, but not the script, so they are remaking the project now. It will change title and story, but not the genre or setting. Best Way is looking for partners to finish a post-Nuclear Union (that’s my name for the game, not official one).

Dmitry Morozov also told us about Men of War Online, a PVP game based on Men of War multiplayer mode. This project is still early in development, but core gameplay will probably remain the same. Of course, the title will change as well, because Men of War brand is owned by 1C-Softclub.

  • Pavel Kulikov

    Hope they will find a partner.

    • http://galyonkin.com/ Sergey Galyonkin

      We joked that both Wargaming and Mail.ru should give them a call like right now :)

      • http://www.sergeiklimov.biz/ Sergei Klimov

        1. WG
        2. Gaijin
        3. Nival

        • http://galyonkin.com/ Sergey Galyonkin

          I’m betting on Mail.ru to be one of the first to call. Nival is going to call first obviosly, because Orlovskiy is fast 😉

      • Pavel Kulikov

        haha :) just to compete against each other, yes.

  • http://eyvinds.com/ Alexander

    What about crowdfunding?

    • http://galyonkin.com/ Sergey Galyonkin

      They are considering it for Men of War Online.

  • Booch@rt

    its a pity, but still waiting.

  • Captain Person

    Well damn.

  • Пётр Поросятов

    Russian fallout already exists, it’s called “санитары подземелий” (dungeon cleaners).

  • Sergey Krylov

    Russian Fallout:
    1. Borsch instead of Nuka-Kola
    2. Alkagolic instead of Ghoul
    3. Chelyabinsk instead of Washington.

  • KHVshNic

    Русские друг с другом общаются в коментах по английски)) забавно выглядит. Примерно как в 18 веке все по французки общались))

  • Dmitriy Parfenov

    “What happened to Nuclear Union from Best Way?”

    Well… it got nuked.