For several years straight I’ve been wondering why no one really writes about Russian gaming industry in English. Then suddenly it occurred to me: maybe because no one has ever tried to?

So I’ve decided to give it a try and polish my English along the way. Hope you’ll find this blog useful.

  • http://mrconstant1ne.blogspot.ru/ Константин

    matryoshka vodka balalayka. check check one two

  • Captain Person

    > strait


    > I was wondering

    Лучше I’ve been wondering.

    > nobody

    no one.

    > nobody ever tried to

    no one has ever tried to

  • http://nikkoblog.ru/ N1kk0

    Hello, world!

  • Xander Grishchenko

    Whoa, that’s my new favorite place :)

    Спасибо, Сергей, за новую инициативу. Добавил в закладки