Russian traditional games media is on decline (or not)

Mikhail Kuzmin, marketing director of AIGRIND, just posted this picture. It’s an overall audience change during last three years for “Games” category in rankings. Almost every major gaming website uses counter. This graph paints a grim picture for gaming websites, their total pageviews seem to be on decline.


Here is a graph from Liveinternet, another popular choice for statistics. Audience of gaming websites is still declining here, but slower than on a first graph.



Main reason for this seems to be the rise of Youtube personalities, Twitch streamers, communities and other non-traditional media that isn’t accounted for by or Liveinternet.

UPD: Gadji Makhtiev of sent me this graph from Liveinternet stats and explained, that decline in pageviews occured because of falling views per visitor, not because of shrinking audience. He actually thinks that gaming website audience is still growing. He sees it as a result of introducing wider audience to games – they don’t read that much.