Russian press this week

Big games are in, so everybody is talking either about inFamous: Second Son (86% on Kritikanstvo) or Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (75%). Indie wonder Luftrausers only got two reviews so far, but it’s sitting pretty at 90%.

Vasily Sonkin writes for Kanobu about gaming industry preferences in various countries around the world. For some reason he forgets about several important ones like Canada, but praises both US and Singapore for their gaming industry support. Still, he thinks Russia is better with something like Belarus already has: government doesn’t help, but also doesn’t get in a way.

Svyatoslav Torick criticizes this article in his blog, noting that Vasily’s list is both inaccurate and incomplete. There is a reason, he writes,, the most famous company from Belarus, is in fact registered on Cyprus.

And that’s basically it. Russian press isn’t writing much except for short news from GDC and some Dota 2 and Titanfall guides. Hopefully it will change next week. But it probably won’t.

Also, games in Russian rap songs. You might want to check this one out for embedded videos.

  • Полотенце

    “Hopefully it will change next week. But probably not.”


  • Пётр Поросятов

    Well at least we can manage sex, drugs, infanticide and religion in our games without bans from government.

  • Пётр Поросятов

    Well, if they making game in canada, i’m really doubt it’ll be about maple syrup or RCMP (which would be totally awesome). More likely they will do some games about american marines fighting terrorists. So technically – yes, there is canada, but in fact it’s just part of california culture.

    Man, i’m so want a RCMP game.