is a Russian version of Metacritic

Ever wondered what Russian press thinks about your game? Generally Russian press is underrepresented on Metacritic. Currently there is only one publication from Russia taken into account – tries to be a Russian version of Metacritic, aggregating review scores from whole host of Russian speaking media about games and movies.

Site not only calculates meta-score for games and movies, but also collects a huge database of Russian-speaking media outlets and critics, including top lists. Check, for example, their list of most trusted  reviewers.

Kritikanstvo takes into account all reviews written in Russian language, so you’ll find Russian websites along with Ukrainian and Belorussian ones.

Site is home to a blog dedicated to Russian media and drama it creates. Check out their article about first female-only gaming website (there is something about Russians and riots, definitely).

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    Вот оно что…

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        And remember – no russian!

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    Russian riot – meaningless and unforgiving.