Ice-Pick Lodge is planning Pathologic remake

pathologic1You’ve probably never heard of Pathologic and that’s ok. The game never really took off outside Russia where it was released in 2005. But it was immensely popular in Russia and CIS countries and is regarded as one of the most influential games here.

Pathologic paints distinctively Russian (i.e. grim and hopeless) picture of medieval epidemic of unknown disease. Given the task to investigate this disease player has to make a series of tough choices, trying to save at least some of townsfolk all while conducting investigation and fighting for survival. Game is tough and unforgiving but widely loved by Russian audience.

Ice-Pick Lodge went on to create several more crazy games, including The Void and Knock Knock. Both were well received in Russia and both are largely unknown to Western gamers.

Now Ice-Pick Lodge is working on Pathologic remake or more precisely, new version. Nikolay Dybowskiy has recently stated that the new game will feature an updated story, different epidemic mechanic and changes to fighting, crafting and survival. And new graphics, of course, thanks to Unity 3D. Game might even change its English title to something more suitable.

If you’re interested in unusual games, this is the one to watch.