won’t review Playstation games anymore

Instead of publishing video review for inFamous: Second Son, ran this video:

In this video Ilya Gorodnoy makes reference to a missing review, claiming it was SCEE Russia (known here as Playstation Russia) fault. He says that Playstation Russia often “forgets” to provide Games-TV with review copies in advance, so they have to work with retail copies instead. Eventually that results in delayed reviews and missed deadlines.

Ilya says that Games-TV still might review Playstation games in a future, but he couldn’t promise anything unless the situation is resolved.

  • Пётр Поросятов

    Games who?

    • Ilya Leonidovich Korneychuk

      One of the largest Russian portals dedicated to videogames and so on

      • Sergey Krylov

        vsem pohkui

        • Ilya Leonidovich Korneychuk

          Почему буквами нерусскими пишете? :-)

  • priestling

    Fair enough.What is a reason to make video that someone made before you? There is no reason.

    • Ilya Leonidovich Korneychuk

      Only if you can make it better )