Crowdfunding games journalism

Anton Logvinov, one of more famous and controversial independent games journalists recently ran a crowdfunding campaign. During one month he managed to gather 565 thousands roubles ($15,800) from more than a thousand of backers. Pledges varied from 3 roubles to 18 thousand roubles.

Anton is well-known in Russian games industry, having worked for Igromania and later for Anton runs his own production studio and creates video content for game companies, game sites and for his own Youtube channel. He doesn’t have as many subscribers as some other Youtubers, but his videos usually get a lot of views nevertheless. For example The Useless Mouth has almost 1,5 million subscribers, Gagatun has 670 thousands, while Anton has around 200 thousands.

Anton started his Youtube channel only in November, 2012. Despite that his GTA V review managed to amass 1,4 million views. He claims his videos have 2 million views monthly.

While 565 thousands roubles might sound a lot for a person, it’s obviously not enough to fund his studio.

Anton wasn’t the first in Russian games media to try crowdfunding, but so far he is most successful, other campaigns usually end up by collecting well below 50 thousands roubles.

Right now Anton is considering implementing premium subscriptions to his blog. Sounds like another interesting experiment.


  • Sergey Krylov

    it sounds like poor conversation

    • Sergey Galyonkin

      Well, average Kickstarter conversion rate is around 10%, here we have 0,5%. But he isn’t offering anything in return, unlike Kickstarter campaigns do.